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Unlock the real value of your organizational data with the Internet of Things, and build a smarter business.

The notion of the “Internet of Things” is still relatively new and somewhat nebulous to many businesses. But this segment is growing rapidly, and is expected to reach $7.1 trillion in 2020. The time to learn and understand more has arrived.

Timbergrove is helping organizations harness the power of Internet of Things today, which is propelling businesses who are Makers and Operators to the forefront of their industries.

Simply stated, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of connecting everyday objects to the Internet through the use of sensors. These objects can be simple items like coffeemakers or alarm clocks, but can be as complex as cars.

In business, the Internet of Things allows organizations who produce the tools (makers), and those who work with these tools (operators), to create solutions that address industry problems. To achieve such business transformations, the Internet of Things requires an integrated fabric of devices, data, connections, processes and people – as well illustrated in this short video.

For organizations that maintain large physical assets, the IoT can contribute to efficiency through improved understanding of everything related to the asset. An example would be the on-going performance status of large pieces of equipment. Should something out of the ordinary occur, the IoT would allow a maintenance request to be automatically be generated for repair, including details of a given piece of equipment’s current performance issues. The same concept can be applied to preventative maintenance. These types of efficiencies result in substantial savings from costs associated with lost time, safety risks or unnecessary repairs.

Act strategically to accelerate your Internet of Things

  • Control and secure the data already streaming from instrumented devices and sensors
  • Analyze data and act on the insights, applying them where they matter most
  • Design new products and services to take advantage of intelligent systems

Timbergrove is a proven leader in the IBM technologies that allow organizations to take advantage of the Internet of Things. We enable business back-end systems to support a full range of applications, allowing them to apply insight-driven actions to their processes with confidence.